Best Vacation Homes For Rent Under $500 in Phuket

Baan Sopaa

Luxury Holiday Rental Homes Guide

Phuket is a beach hot spot and people love the idea of going here to unwind, relax, and just forget about work for a while. The Phuket lifestyle is laidback and luxurious, making it a favorite of those who love to indulge. If you prefer to stay in a private villa for rent , you have a variety of options. There are many impressive  for all kinds of tastes and budget. Baan Sopaa is perfect for a medium sized group. Located in Kamala, Phuket, this is one of the tropical island retreats in the area that offers amazing scenic views. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this is suitable for eight people. Just 20 minutes away from Patong and about half an hour away from the airport, this is absolutely great for a nice Phuket break. villa in Phuket Its hillside location gives the Baan Sopaa an advantage when it comes to the scenery. Guests will enjoy looking out and admiring the beauty of the place. Hundreds of trees and tropical plants balance the heat of the sun and makes the property naturally relaxing. The Kamala Beach is only a short stroll so everyone can laze around the fine white sand and enjoy the clear blue waters. There is a swimming pool on site for beginners and those who would want to swim all day. Sun beds are placed near the pool so one can relax after swimming. The living room is simplistic, with floor to ceiling windows to allow most of the views to be seen even from the inside. There are cushioned chairs for your comfort and tables where unique Thai-inspired ornaments are placed. The dining area looks out at the pool area. It has seats for all the guests and is a great place to have a Thai meal. Antique style décor are incorporated in the interiors to create a homey feel. The kitchen is contemporary, with a spacious counter for meal preparation or some chat time while snacking or having breakfast. Phuket villas The bedrooms at the Baan Sopaa are spacious and feature the same open design concept like most island villas. White washed walls, roomy beds, and dark wooden floors create a homey look so everyone can have a good sleep. Again, the ornaments used are made from indigenous materials and feature Thai prints, native woodwork, and local crafts. There is a nice work table with a chair for all your important stuffs. The bathrooms are spacious and boast contemporary fixtures. Guests will enjoy their bath as all the essentials are provided. There are fragrant toiletries and fresh towels. This holiday homes will make you and your family feel pampered all throughout your stay. The place is all about comfort and easy-breezy island living that you will be so impressed.

Long Term Rental Homes

Internet connection is available here as well as an entertainment system for your needs. In Baan Sopaa, your vacation will be as memorable as you would like. The location is secure and has very good accommodations. Enjoy your stay in one of the best villas for rent in Kamala.
  People love to indulge in luxurious surroundings while in vacation. It is only natural as holidays are very rare these days and we only get to be with people we like not so very often. For the best island retreats ever, Phuket is an impressive destination. It has so many fascinating white sand beaches to spoil you all throughout your stay. A very nice luxury villa for rent that is getting raves these days is Sava Villa 7. This is a quiet, peaceful property that has the most breathtaking scenery that will make you want to extend your stay. Considered to be among the best beachside villas set at the very romantic Natai Beach, this holiday home will delight everyone with its contemporary structure and majestic scenery. Just only a short drive to the International Airport, this is convenient to get to but remains secluded, giving you all the privacy you want. This is a part of an estate together with other Phuket pool villa The lovely white sand beach is stunning and is only a few steps from the villa. Guests will have a wonderful time walking along the shore, building figures from sand, and simply enjoying the crystal clear water. The pool is huge and is ideal for morning and night laps. White lounge chairs are placed nearby so you can relax before and after swimming. The weather in Phuket is warm and sunny, which means getting a tan is a cinch. You’ll have that golden color you have always wanted by just being near the pool. Phuket villas
The main living room is done in white and is very spacious. Pristine couches that are modern in design are accented with aqua colored pillows. Aqua colored chairs are also used to complement the beach colors. Floor to ceiling windows allow the views to be a part of the interiors, which is really cool.
The dining area deviates from the usual formal style. Here, the dining table is casual yet cozy, with wooden benches as seats instead of individual chairs. Nearby is the kitchen breakfast counter with its set of bar stools. A complete set of cooking equipment is featured in the kitchen. There is a huge fridge, a toaster, espresso maker, and modern faucets and sinks. When it comes to amenities, this is among the best luxury villas there is. Phuket holiday villas The bedrooms follow different color schemes but all have the same open concept and detailed old school windows. Wooden floors make these private spaces feel cozier. The focal point is the bed, which is covered with luxury linens. A modern art work hangs on the wall---a different one for each bedroom to distinguish it from the others.  The bathrooms are roomy and done in good taste. The shower is big, while the marble tub is perfect for a private soak any time of the day. If spacious villas are what you are interested in, this contemporary Phuket haven will surely tickle your interest. The place has a secure parking area and is air conditioned. More details about Luxurious Holiday rental, please go to visit home page. Phuket villas

Villa of the month (Exclusive Review)

Ananda Luxury Holiday Home

To be able to spend a few days in an exotic location is a dream for many. One of the popular Asian destinations where people can have fun in the sun is Phuket, Thailand. Considered to be a beach capital, this island is known for its amazing white sand beaches that stretch for miles. Here, the scenery is nothing short of spectacular. If you want more privacy, you might want to consider a number of Phuket villas for your place to stay. Ananda is among the holiday home in Phuket is known for. Just 25 minutes from the Phuket Airport, this is a luxury retreat that is suitable for 12 people. The views from here will make any vacation really special. It has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, all decorated to perfection. It can accommodate 10 adults and 6 children max, making it one of the best villas in Phuket for the whole family. villas Phuket The property boasts well tended landscapes. This is a modern holiday home that is only meters away from the beach. The structure is classy and the décor incorporates as many local ornaments as possible. Hundreds of palm trees are in the property so there is plenty of shade and fresh breeze. Guests will love to relax at the covered sala while enjoying the view of the beach. There is a large swimming pool, which is great for swimming no matter what time of the day. villas in Phuket The living room is fusion in style. Modern couches dominate the area, while the wooden ceiling creates a tropical vibe. Native furnishings resonate with warmth and comfort. The open design allows guests to enjoy the views and the fresh breeze. Luxurious fabrics are used to create a homey feel. The dining area is perfect for all the guests and features an elegant dining table and wooden seats with arm rest. Utensils and china are available for use. The kitchen is modern and has all the contemporary appliances needed for cooking any dish. A work counter is set at the center so those who are preparing meals won’t run out of space.
The rooms are all elegantly designed. Because they have an open side, plenty of natural light enters these private spaces. The beds are spacious and are covered with crisp luxury linen. Native furnishings are used to complete the whole look. Guests can sleep well while here as the ambience is very relaxing. The bathrooms are made to be spacious. Bath time is relaxing and worry free. Bath essentials and clean towels are always available.
the Phuket villas This is among that are highly recommended for special celebrations. The beach is enticing and is the ideal place to enjoy the sun, get a tan, and enjoy the water views. Kids will surely love building sand castles, while adults will surely get addicted to taking leisurely walks day in and day out. Ananda has a traditional feel to it, but the modern amenities that you are used to are all present. It will make anyone feel that they are in a luxurious resort, only better.

Top 5 Phuket Beaches You Can Find Villa To Rent

1. Patong Beach

Patong beach, the crescent-shaped 3km beach, is the most popular, well developed and frequented beach in Phuket. It has a host of beach activities and water sports options for visitors. Patong is also famous for its peppy nightlife and seafood joints. Patong Beach Patong lost its village atmosphere long time back. It has developed into one of the busiest cities of Phuket. The restaurants here offer a variety of cuisines to suit the taste of the international travelers. It has bars and pubs with live music to add spice to the nightlife. There are hotels, resorts, villas and guesthouses that suit the pocket of a wide range of travelers from five-star to low budget. Patong has a horde of travel agencies to help the tourists with sightseeing and other activities. In Patong discos and nightclubs, you have more chance of meeting your friends back home than in your own neighborhood. Tourism is a big industry in Patong and everything is being done to lure the tourists here. Patong has attractive shops that sell anything that tourists want, especially clothes. You will get them cheaper in the shops inland than from the vendors selling items on the beach itself. The beach area has many food stalls to cater to the hungry beach visitors. The beach has facilities for activities like banana boat, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, waterskiing and wakeboard.

How to reach

From Phuket International Airport, Patong is 35km to the south and takes 45 minutes by car. Taxis vouchers can be bought from the airport for 500 baht to Patong. If this too steep, you can opt for shared minibuses, which come to around 150 baht. Still cheaper is to take the airport shuttle service to Phuket town and catch a local bus to Patong beach. Bus services from Phuket town to Patong run every half an hour. The time taken is 45 minutes and fare is 20 baht. Location Map

Getting around Patong Area

Patong is small enough to travel on foot. Still if required, there are many transport options. Taxis here are of two types – metered sedan-style taxi and songthaews-style minivans that have no meter. The metered taxis are colored yellow and red and have ‘TAXI-METER’ sign displayed prominently on top. The minivans drivers are worse than highway robbers and charge you astronomical fare. If you are boarding minivans, decide on the fare before the journey. You have to bargain hard. For short journeys around the city, 100 baht is a reasonable fare. If you are going for a longer trip, metered taxis are the better option. Motorbike taxis also operate with fares starting at 20 baht.

Places to see near Patong Beach

Patong is the place for you, if you like modern conveniences and a vibrant nightlife. If you are looking for unspoiled beaches, this is not for you. The beach is very beautiful, but crowded. You find what you seek here. If you are looking for flaws and drawbacks, you will find them in plenty. If you come here with a willingness to accept the place as it is and enjoy what it has to offer, you will find that Patong has well developed facilities to cater to the demand of a wide range of travelers. It has five-star amenities as well as budget accommodations and restaurants. Patong has an active sex industry, but if you want to avoid it, keep away from Bangla Road. Patong has bars of good repute suitable for couples out to enjoy a night out. They have regular performances of professional dancers with unique dance routines and music. For live music, visit Saxophone on the Beach Road. Each night they have top blues, jazz, soul or funk performances. The place is well designed and the music is good. For the rock fans, there is Rock City. It is close to Saxophone and it has a huge neon-lit guitar displayed outside. Live hard rock and great setup – good combination.

Things to do in Patong

The beach and water activities available in Patong beach are
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Parasailing
  • Banana boat
  • Surfing
Many diving companies here give diving lessons and gear to beginners. Phuket-Diver offers assistance, gear, information and individual help for scuba diving and snorkeling. They guide families and couples during these activities, letting them enjoy a safe and exciting experience. Other activities in and around Patong are
  • Cruise along the river
  • Enjoy a Thai Massage
  • Try Nail Spa at Oriental de Phuket
  • Cable slide in the jungle
  • Learn to kickbox in two hours for 300 baht
  • Watch Thai boxing at Bangla Stadium or at Simon Complex
  • Stitch a designer dress or a suit for cheap amount
  • Watch ladyboy show at Simon Cabaret or the cabaret show at Erotica
  • Buy cheap souvenirs from the many shops
  • Dance to boogie music at various joints
  • Learn to speak Thai
  • Shopping at Jungcelon, the biggest shopping centre in Patong

Recommended Villas to Rent near Patong Beach

  • Atika Villas
  • Villa Yoosook
  • Seductive Sunset Villa Patong
  • Villa Baan Thap Thim
  • Jirana Patong
  • Reuan Thai Villa
  • The White Villa Patong
  • Seeka Villa
  • Baiyok Villa
  • Simon Villa
  • Jungceylon Villa by Lofty
  • Villa Vanda

2. Kata Beach

This place can be divided into three parts – the long Kata Yai beach in the north, the smaller and quiet Kata Noi beach in the south and Kata Center, which is the town located away from the beaches. kata beach

Kata Yai

Kata Yai is about a kilometer long beach, which is smaller and quieter than Patong beach. It is considered a safe beach for swimming, even for children and beginners. Always pay attention to the warning flags that are flown to warn swimmers. On the right side of the beach, there are coral reefs that run all the way to the small green island called Poo Island. While lazing around the beach, you can watch local anglers trying to catch their day’s supply.

Kata Noi

This beautiful little beach lies hidden in the south and is less crowded. The lion’s share of this minuscule beach is occupied by the huge resort of the Kata Thai group. There are a few smaller budget hotels and resorts in the area. Kata Noi doesn’t offer any facilities in the way of nightlife. So if you want to escape from the world for a few days, this is the right place. Even during peak season, the place is not crowded. During lean periods, you may have the entire beach to yourself. However, during off-season, the sea may be rough and it is advisable not to venture out into the sea.

Kata Center

Kata Center is a hustling-busting place crowded with restaurants, bars, shops, internet cafes and travel agencies. The place offers a variety of budget accommodations like hotels and guesthouses. They give discounts, if you are renting the place for a week or a month. Kata center has restaurants that cater to all kinds of tourists. The best part of these eateries is that they are not very expensive. The bars around here attract wild crowds, which result in high noise levels during night hours. Hence, consider this, before renting rooms here.

Getting around

Taxis and tuk-tuks are the best choices and their fares are similar.

Places to see in Kata Beach

For the first –time traveler, local market is a must-see. This is open only on Thursdays and is located off main Kata Road. Locals buy spices and fish from this market. An old man shelling coconuts using an ancient-looking dangerous machine is a curiosity here. In the jungle close by, there is a sauna. You will find this place if you walk for 10 minutes along the Kata-Chalong Bay Road. There is a kettle-shaped copper boiler, a pool and a café here.

Things to do in Kata

Located on the north end of the bay, there is a safe diving and snorkeling area. For more information, visit Phuket-Diver. They also give information on equipments for the expedition. There are facilities for SNUBA diving, which is considered safer and inexpensive than scuba diving. Kata beach offers excellent opportunities for surfing.

Recommended Villas to Rent near Kata Beach

  • Kata Sea View Villas
  • Ocean View Villas Kata
  • Villa Ginborn Sea View Poolvilla
  • Villa Elisabeth
  • Charmante Villa
  • Katamanda Luxury Villas by Lofty
  • Kata Horizon Villa
  • Villa Ruedi
  • Villa Amanzi
  • Baan Song Thai Villa

3. Karon Beach

Karon beach comes second in popularity among the Phuket’s beaches, the most popular being Patong beach. Development activities are progressing at a phenomenal pace here, even during peak tourist season. Karon beach has all facilities as Patong beach, but on a lesser scale. karon beach, phuket Thailand Karon beach lies on Phuket’s west coast. It is more frequented by families, as it is quieter and less crowded than the neighboring Patong beach. Many Scandinavian tourists come here and because of this, there are many business establishments that especially cater to their needs.

How to reach Karon Beach

From Phuket International Airport, it takes an hour to reach Karon. The transportation booth in the airport sells vouchers for 650 baht for the drive. For the budget travelers, vouchers for 150 baht are available at the same booth for seats in mini buses. It takes longer on the minibus, as it stops at many points on the way.

Getting around

The most popular and fastest means of transport here is tuk-tuk. Taxis to Phuket town cost around 400 baht. For the budget conscious, public buses run every hour from Karon to different destinations for a fare of 20 baht.

Places to see in Karon

Beach is the only attraction here. However, unlike other beaches it is not crowded. You can enjoy by lazing around in the quiet beach that stretches for a considerable length. Beach umbrellas are available for rent. The sunset views from Karon beach are fantastic.

Things to do in Karon

Karon beach has some wonderful diving and snorkeling locations. For more information on this, see Phuket-Diver. You may hire a scooter and go exploring Phuket.

Recommended Villas to Rent near Kata Beach

  • Karon Beach Walk Villa
  • Sun Paradise Villas
  • Karon Hill Villa
  • Kanita Resort & Villa
  • Andaman Seaview Villa
  • Villa Samoot Sawan
  • Oasis Villa
  • Karon Sunset Seaview Villa

4. Kamala Beach

Kamala beach is sandwiched between Patong beach on the north and Surin beach on the south, on the western coast of Phuket. kamala beach Kamala beach is not crowded like its popular neighbor Patong beach. The northern end of the beach is always quiet, while the southern end will see more tourists during peak season. The Beach Road or ‘Rim Haad’ at the southern end has many budget hotels and restaurants. You can find still cheaper eateries on Kamala Road. Kamala retains its village charm, in spite of the tourist influx. This may not last long, as more resorts and complexes are under construction or being planned. Here you will find more locals and than tourists even during the peak tourist season. You also get to enjoy the local food in authentic surroundings in Kamala.

How to reach

From Phuket International Airport, you can find cabs to take you to Kamala. The fare is around 500 baht.

Getting Around Kamala Beach

You can travel around the place in taxis and tuk-tuks. Their fares are almost the same.

Places to see near Kamala beach

Beach is the main attraction of the place. Besides, there are Fantasea show and the Buddhist Temple, located at the southern end of the beach. There is a monument dedicated to Tsunami in a park located at the middle of the beach.

Things to do in Kamala

Kamala boasts of a beautiful beach that is uncrowded. If you are contended to spend the entire day lazing around the beach, this is the right place for you. The water is crystal clear and the sand clean. During low tide, the water recedes and the right end of the beach will be perfect for swimming. At the left end, near the rocks, you can go fishing. Massage is not available on the beach itself. These are offered in the stalls lining the beach. The rate is fixed at 300 baht per hour. Kamala Wat is the Buddhist Temple located at the south end of the beach. You will spot it only if you go looking for it. It was vastly damaged during the Tsunami. It was restored with the help of the Australian TV program, Backyard Blitz. You will find a memorial tree with a dedication plaque in the garden here. The events of Tsunami with pictures are displayed on a board for the benefit of visitors. The temple itself has the life story of Buddha depicted in pictures on its walls. The Buddhist monks and locals welcome tourists warmly. You are allowed to take photographs of the place if a local person accompanies you. A visit to the temple is ideal to know more about the local culture. Phuket Fantasea is a popular show and theme park in Phuket Kamala. It combines Thailand’s cultural heritage and technology to enthrall the tourists. The 4 D show is much appreciated. The park is spread over 140 acres and has a multi-cuisine restaurant that can accommodate 4000 guests. A shopping arcade is also here that sells local products. The park is open from 8.30pm on all days except Thursdays. ( Patong Beach is close by if you are looking for extra fun and change of scene. However, cabs charge 500 baht one way. For cheaper transport, tuk-tuks are an option. They charge 300 baht for the trip. Some hotels arrange shuttles to Patong for their guests. If you don’t want to spend this much either, the best option is the local bus to Phuket town. It gives you a good feel of the place and its people. This service runs every hour from Kamala. You will invite amused stares from the local passengers. Just flag down the bus and hop in through its open backside. You can pay the driver at the end of the journey. This is for the adventure-seekers.

Recommended Villas to Rent near Kamala Beach

  • Coco Kamala Tropical Villa
  • Villa Yin
  • The Regent Private Pool Villa
  • Villa Minh
  • Kamala Luxury Villa
  • Kyerra Villa by Lofty
  • Kamala Heights Villa
  • Tian Blue Villa
  • Villa NakaWanna
  • Villa Nevaeh

5. Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is not as popular with tourists as Patong or Kata beaches. It is located at the southern end of Phuket. If you are interested in Thai culture, this is the right place for you. rawai beach Rawai beach is well known for scenic locales and seafood. There are too many boats here and the shallow water is muddy and hence not suitable for swimming. The beach is filled with litter, like the nearby Chalong Bay. With beach dirty and water muddy, the beach area is not attractive. Tourists come here mostly for seafood. All over the place there are vendors cooking fresh seafood right in front of you. The cost is much lower than in other beaches like Patong. The specialty here is crabs, prawns or fish with rice and fresh vegetables. Pakbang Food Center, located at the east side of the beach serves excellent food for reasonable prices. The food is typically served on tables with recliners or on rattan mats laid out under shade. The vendors here know broken English and they have menu written in English as well. Beware of stray dogs and flies that are attracted by the food. Across the sea, the island Koh Bon is visible. The beach there is entirely reserved for the guests of the Evason Phuket Resort. There are a few other smaller islands like Koh Lone, Koh Kaew, Koh Hae and Koh Aeo, close to the Rawai Beach. You can visit these islands from Rawai beach by chartering a private boat. There are conducted tours to these islands as well from Rawai and Ao Chalong, which comes cheaper than chartered boats. Still better is to hire a longtail boat on your own and go exploring along the islands or go fishing, snorkeling or diving. It is better to ask the boatmen loitering around the beach about the options. There are quite a few good beaches on these islands that are known more to these boatmen than anyone else. For snorkeling enthusiasts, Promthep Cape on the west side of Rawai Beach is ideal.

How to reach

From Phuket Town, there are songthaews running to Rawai for a fare of 30 baht. The songthaew pickup point in Rawai is the east end of the beach. It runs in this route between 7.00am and 5.30pm. If you are planning to return to Phuket Town on the same day, make sure that you are boarding at least the last songthaew. If you miss, you are at the mercy of tuk-tuks, which charge 400 baht for the trip.

Getting around Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is too vast to be covered on foot. Scooter is the popular means of transport among tourists, which comes to around 150 to 200 baht as rentals per day. If you hire for longer duration, the rates will come down.

Things to do in Rawai

As Rawai beach is not suitable for swimming, diving and snorkeling, it is used only to anchor boats. Longtail boats and speedboats are available for hire for water sports and visiting other islands. Recently, a new pier was opened for the convenience of tourists. There are many seafood stalls and restaurants on the beach area, for which Rawai is famous. Even the locals come here on weekends to enjoy the food and for a night out. The bars in the beach offer limited entertainment. For accommodation, the best is the Evason Resort. There are many middle to low budget hotels as well. You can go to Nai Harn Beach, which is nearby, for enjoying beach activities. There is a beautiful Buddhist temple in Rawai beach overlooking the lagoon. The luxury Meridian Phuket Yacht Club is located on a hill at one end of the beach. Promthep Cape offers picture-perfect sunsets on the Andaman Sea.

Recommended Villas to Rent near Rawai Beach

  • Villa White Elephants
  • Villa Rawai Holidays
  • Tropics Sun Villa - Phuket
  • Salika Beach Villa
  • Villa Lorangi by TropicLook
  • Rawai Villa
  • Villa Marine
  • Rawai VIP villas Resort
  • Rawai Pool Villas - Holidays
  • Phuket Luxe Villa

A Guide to Rent Your Villa in Phuket

Villa Aqua

Villa Aqua

A vacation in the tropics will surely rejuvenate you and recharge your batteries. The island of Phuket is a sanctuary for most people who want to escape the city life even for a short time. If you want a luxury beachfront pool villa where you can stay for your holiday, a good option is Villa Aqua. This boasts 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms and a contemporary open design that allows maximum views to be enjoyed from most parts of the villa. Located in Natai Phang Nga, this is a 3 storey villa in Phuket, which is suitable for 8 people. Villa Aqua is a secure property and has well manicured landscape that makes the surroundings even more pleasing to the eyes. There is a private pool onsite so guests can swim all day. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, guests can browse and get connected without hassle. Considered to be one of the best Phuket villas available, this is a good haven to spend your much awaited island break. Phuket pool villa Among the best spots to relax is at the pool area. The pool is large and is perfect for any day laps. Shaded lounge chairs in white are placed near the pool so guests can sit back and enjoy a tropical cooler after a swim. These chairs also look out to amazing views. Imagine varying shades of blue accented with white, while the coconut trees add a splash of green.

Luxury Beachfront Pool Villa

When it comes to Luxurious Holiday, Villa Aqua is a villa with a private pool. The interiors are all about white washed walls and classy furnishings that are perfect for the laidback lifestyle that Phuket is famous for. The main color scheme is white combined with aqua accents. A few touches of wood here and there add a bit of warmth, and prevents the look from being too sharp. Ceiling fans are installed to beat the afternoon heat. villa in Phuket The dining area is really good and is big for everyone. The long wooden bench which is used as seats is totally charming. Because it is among the best  in the area, guests can expect only the best when it comes to amenities. The kitchen is sophisticated and has all the cooking essentials guests will need for their meals. Near the dining area is a chair set done in the lightest of blue. The bedrooms feature relaxing views of the garden. White washed walls complement the scenery and make the room bright as it reflects natural light. The beds are spacious to ensure that everyone will be able to have a good sleep. Antique decors are used for a distinct fusion feel. The bathrooms are done in good taste and feature modern fixtures. Fresh towels and toiletries are available. Phuket villas Villa Aqua has a secure parking area and a barbeque area. This is a quiet haven where guests can enjoy the laidback beach lifestyle. If contemporary surroundings are what you prefer, be sure to check this place. This is among the finest vacation Homes available in Thailand.

Naka Wanna Villa

Phuket is probably Thailand’s most popular island. It is no surprise as it is such a beautiful island with plenty of scenic beaches where one can enjoy some sunshine, get a tan, and try a variety of Thai delicacies. If you are interested in holiday rentals Phuket is known for, among the luxury villa with a private pool you can place on your list of options is Naka Wanna Villa. This is a spacious island retreat that is just 20 minutes away from Patong. With 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, this is ideal for 16 people. This makes a very good celebration venue as it is spacious and accessible. Just a few meters away from the Kamala Beach, here everyone can indulge on the Phuket laidback lifestyle. villa Phuket Naka Wanna Villa promises guests with a tranquil Phuket experience. This is one of the villa with a private pool as it is situated at a peaceful location and is surrounded with lush greenery. The infinity pool is huge and has an area for the kids. The pool has waterfall features and boasts some of the best sea views on site. There are lounge chairs placed near the pool so guests can relax before and after swimming. This is a good spot to soak up some sun, read a book, or just enjoy the scenery. Naka Wanna Villa As one of the premier villas available, Naka Wanna Villa is popular because of its amazing services. Airport transfer service is available. The place also offers laundry service and car hire service. Wireless internet is on site so connectivity is smooth and reliable. Housekeeping is done daily while a chef can cook your meals on request. The manager can speak both English and French, making the communication a lot easier.

Your Dream Vacation Homes in Thailand

Phuket villas for rent This family vacation home has a spacious living room that is mostly done in wood to give it a traditional feel. There is a sofa set, with light colored cushions and rattan frame. The ornaments used are locally sourced, reflecting the richness and ingenuity of Thai arts and crafts. There is a TV on site so guests can watch some programs while here. The dining area is also island inspired and showcases even more wood. The recently renovated kitchen features white washed walls and cupboards. State of the art cooking equipment is featured as well. Dinnerware and glassware are on site too. Naka Wanna Villa also has a BBQ are so guests can prepare grills without hassle. The bedrooms at the Naka Wanna Villa are luxurious and charmingly rustic in an elegant fashion. Warm colored woods dominate each of these private spaces, creating an intimate atmosphere suitable for a good night sleep. The beds are covered with fine linens that are changed regularly. The bedrooms feature wooden furnishings and all have a spacious balcony where guests can admire the view. The bedrooms are modern, with tiled counters and large sinks. Deep bathtubs are featured as well. Without a doubt, Naka Wanna Villa is among the most luxurious villas for rent available.

Japonica Villa

Vacations are something people look forward to. The fast paced city life can weigh us down and a holiday can make us forget about the demanding work life even for a while. A paradise like haven in Thailand is Phuket. An island break will surely recharge your batteries and give you the chance to get back to nature. A nice has for rent is Japonica Villa. This is among the most charmingly rustic villas for rent and is worth checking out. With two bedrooms and two baths, Japonica villa is an intimate home away from home suitable for the whole family, or for a couple who likes a private retreat on the island. The mountainous location makes it a tranquil haven. Just a few meters away from the beach, this can make your dream tropical vacation possible. Japonica Villa Among the things that one can instantly say about the Japonica Villa is that it is a tribute to nature. The structure is made mostly of wood and a well maintained garden is within the property. There is an abundance of greenery, so guests can enjoy a refreshing and peaceful ambience all throughout their stay. Phuket villas The kitchen is spacious and has all the equipment guests will need in cooking their meals. There is a state of the art fridge, a set of cutlery, dinnerware, and glassware. Drawers and cupboards are also available. There is a faucet and an elegant looking counter here as well. There is a breakfast bar that features matching stools as well. An oven, microwave, coffee machine and toaster are available. The dining table has enough space for 6 people. Views from this part of the villa are amazing. Truly when it comes to scenery and design, this is among the best luxurious Holiday rental. The living area features comfortable chairs and a nice sofa with a frame made with native materials. Near the pool is a lounge area where guests can enjoy some natural light and sunshine. Additional seats can be found here. If family villas are what you are looking for, Japonical Villa is a very good choice. villa Phuket Dark wooden floors and interiors dominate the rooms to give a naturally luxurious vibe. Rich woods are used so the rooms look polished and beautifully put together. The beds are huge and give the guests plenty of space to sleep on. The rooms feature local art and a flat screen TV. The en suite bathrooms are equally well designed and allow guests the comfort they are looking for. The wooden ceiling looks sophisticated but not too edgy that it deviates from the harmonious theme of the room. Luxurious sheets and linens are used on the bed. Slippers are available for the guests as well. The pool area is among the most relaxing spots in the property. The edgy pool has the best views. Lounge chairs and sun beds are available for the guests’ use as well. Overall, this villa is among the private luxury rental worth checking out. Enjoy your stay.