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It is everyone’s dream to have a quiet moment at the beach even for a short while. Phuket provides guests with their tropical holiday fantasy with its scenic beach views and a weather that is so sunny. To be able to spend your holiday in style, a good place to consider is Amarelo. The villa is just 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport and is suitable for 12 people. This is ideal for a family reunion or a tropical getaway with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Set at the peaceful Natai beach, this is a contemporary vacation retreat with a homey feel. This is one of the private villas suitable for a medium sized group. phuket-villasFinding a relaxing private villa to rent is essential so you can escape the crowd and spend your holiday in peace. This has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms that are all stylish. It has its own infinity pool with fascinating views of the beach. Guests can swim any time they want and enjoy the feel of the tropical ambience. There is a spacious sundeck with lounge chairs for everyone’s comfort. Amarelo has a well tended landscapes so the property looks very elegant and beautifully put together. This villa accommodation resonates with casual beach luxury and is perfect for those with discerning tastes. Amarelo is casual contemporary chic in concept and features light colored tones, white washed walls and modern furnishings. The main living room is a designer’s pride with wooden ceilings, wooden floors, and neutral colored couches. Ergonomic shelves and table are used to minimize clutter and maximize the floor space. There is a billiard table nearby where guests can hit the balls while enjoying great views. Another lounge area features dark colored couches and a more sophisticated design. The dining area is elegant too and features contemporary art and comfortable seats for the guests.

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Amarelo is a gated property, is secure, and has a reliable internet connection. Browsing is easy and hassle free on site. Air conditioning is installed in all the rooms. There is a BBQ area and a place for al fresco dining. The kitchen is smartly designed and features high end kitchen appliances for more convenient cooking. There is a spacious kitchen counter with matching stools as well.  Modern entertainment system that includes a flat screen TV, DVD players, and iPod docking stations are also featured. All the bedrooms have open concept and feature stunning views on most sides. The beds are made to be comfortable. The color schemes are harmonious and pleasing to the eyes as well. Stuffed chairs are provided as extra spots to sit on. There is a private balcony as well where guests can enjoy even better views. The bathrooms are stylish and are spacious too. There are large showers and nice deep tubs for private soaking. There are fresh towels provided as well. Amarelo is one of the best villa rentals for a family vacation. It is roomy, well designed, and truly relaxing.

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Phuket is among Thailand’s hottest beach destinations. This island is a beach haven and is known for its tranquil waters and powdery white sand. Vacations here are totally more memorable because the weather is perfect for lazing around the beach, getting a gorgeous tan, and sipping some tropical cocktails. Among the best private luxury rental you should see is the Baan Kata Itsura. Sunsets are so glorious at this place, making it a totally romantic and peaceful sanctuary you cannot possibly miss. phuket luxury villasBaan Kata Itsara is a traditional villa is famous for. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms and is designed to comfortable and quiet. With an ocean front location in Kata, this is a blissful haven that will suit even guests with impeccable tastes. It has a swimming pool with an area for the kids so they too can swim and have fun. The villa has three dining areas as well.  The place can accommodate up to 10 guests so it can be shared by two families or one large family where everyone is present. Baan Kata Itsara is perfect for guests who only want a private accommodation. Phuket has amazing scenic views and here, you can wake up to them all throughout your stay. Views of the ocean will surely soothe your senses and allow you to recover from the hassle of the daily grind. The villa boasts a well maintained tropical garden and a nice spacious deck perfect for getting the most gorgeous tan.

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The villa has a cozy study room that is done mostly in wood. Here, guests can attend to their important stuffs in peace and not be interrupted. This has a spacious work desk, a computer, and cushy chairs. The living room is very traditional, with lots of wood, antique style furniture, native art, and wonderful views. This is a common room in the villa and is a nice place to gather and keep up with the other guests. A modern entertainment system that includes a TV and media player, is available as well. When it comes to design and amenities, Baan Kata Itsura has earned its reputation as one of the best holiday homes available for rent. Near the kitchen is another lounge area that features native seats and locally obtained décor. The kitchen is complete, with all the essentials one needs to prepare meals more conveniently. There is a full sized fridge, some cupboards, a nice counter, and a stove as well. The bedrooms are traditional and luxurious, with colors that complement the beauty of the place, lots of intricate work are done on the woods---from the bed frames to the tables to the door frames to the floors. Everything looks polished and beautifully put together. The beds are roomy and are ideal for a good sleep. The bathrooms are modern, with large showers and contemporary fixtures. The rooms have a large tub for private all day soaking. Baan Kata Itsura is truly one of the best Thai-style accommodation villas you can find.

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